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Picky Eater Californian
I read the previous review from an old patron that apparently doesn't like the new and improved Northwest Pizza. I can tell you that the pizza, salad, pasta and overall ambiance of the establishment has improved 10 fold. The quality of the pizza is outstanding, the service is impeccable. So much so that I recall thinking after I sat down and had my water refilled without my need to ask and the staff being very attentive that I've been in 4 star restaurants that didn't provide outstanding customer service like this.

Plus they have free Wi-Fi, you can watch various sports programs from the numerous TV

Ashland resident, long time
This has been a favorite hangout for many years. It has new owners now and it's heart and charm have been changed a lot - not for the better. They used to have a salad bar with entrees, very reasonably priced. They got rid of that and now sell salads ala carte, costing almost as much as entrees. It used to have two tv screens for games, which seemed plenty and you could watch or not. Now they have a dozen marching across the whole ceiling, with tables lined up in rows like a military messhall. You used to be able to see the serving side and pay and talk to people but now it's all boarded up. All the old homeyness is gone. They said the salad bar was unsanitary and had to go. Doubt that. Grilla Bites has one and does fine, as do many places. It appears they wanted you to have to spend more. They come to your table now and take your order so it's a bigger tipping bill than doing your own ordering. It used to be "real" and we loved taking our kids there after soccer. It has that 'factory' feel now, not personal, like a neighborhood bar/grill. It would be hard to just visit with friends now. They still have the pool table and game machines. I will miss old NW Pizza a lot. Too bad. ~JD

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